Launching Origami

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been working with the Origami team at Facebook for the last six months or so. The NYC launch last night was a proud moment for myself and the team.

Danny giving a presentation at Facebook NY
At Facebook NY. Photo by Shaun Tollerton.

Thanks to Madelin for joining and then running the whole shebang. Also thanks to Matej, Andrew, Rob, Blair, Julius, John, and everyone else at Facebook[1] for being both some of the nicest and smartest people I’ve been around.

The official Origami tutorials and examples are now up. Thanks also to Fisher for his help testing the curriculum for these.


The full video of my demo has been uploaded on Vimeo. The other demos are under the same username.

  1. Kara, Myles, etc. Seriously so many, and everyone is great, but I’ve gotta stop somewhere. ↩︎