Copy a Frame Link in Figma

The only way you used to be able to get the link for a frame in Figma was to:

  1. Right-click a frame
  2. Navigate to ‘Copy/Paste as…’
  3. Click ‘Copy link’

You can now copy the frame’s link via a keyboard shortcut:

  1. Select the frame
  2. Press ⌘L on a Mac or ⌃L on a PC

Figma will show a little Frame link copied to clipboard toast if you did this right.

This keyboard shortcut addition isn’t documented, doesn’t show up in the menu items, and doesn’t even show as a keyboard shortcut next to that aforementioned ‘Copy link’ menu item. So hopefully this helps anyone Googling “how to quickly copy frame link in Figma” like I was a few months before. It’s saved me a tonne of time and tedium.